Paint Out/Nocturne: Water Tower Park

Water Tower Park 800 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago

The Historic Water Tower  Park is located at 806 North Michigan Avenue along the Magnificent Mile shopping district .  This location is perfect for painting city buildings, people, cars, trees and flowers.

Paint Out: Osaka Gardens (Garden of the Phoenix)

Osaka Garden 6300 S. Cornell Ave, Chicago

This is on a Sunday. Closest exit from Lake Shore Drive is Hayes Drive.  Second parking lot west, and then a long walk. Don't be discouraged! This Japanese strolling garden, also called Garden of the Phoenix, is located on the Wooded Island in Jackson Park. As a Japanese strolling garden, views are framed from a […]

Paint Out & Demo: Guest Artist Stephanie Weidner on the Riverwalk

Riverwalk under Wabash Bridge at Wacker Riverwalk at Wabash and Wacker, Chicago

The demo begins at 8:30 am. The Riverwalk sight features river views and  iconic buildings and Stephanie will show us how to paint it.  It's the perfect place to paint the day before the 4th of July with the Wrigley Building draped with a large American flag. There are public bathrooms along the riverfront next  […]

Paint Out & Demo with Critique: Guest Artist Frankie Johnson at Cafe Brauer

Cafe Brauer 2021 North Stockton Drive, Chicago

The demo will begin at 8:30am at Cafe Brauer, 2021 N. Stockton Drive. The Cafe is at the south end of Lincoln Park Zoo. The Cafe opens at 9:00am and the Zoo opens at 10:00am. At 12:00pm, Frankie will critique our work. Meet back at the Cafe. There is street parking but it can be […]

Paint Out/Nocturne: Fulton Market District Sign

Fulton Market District Sign 801 West Fulton Street, Chicago

We will meet on Friday 7 pm at 801 W. Fulton Street.  Fulton Market  is a district on the Near West Side of Chicago. Through the 19th and 20th centuries it served meat-packing, warehouse, and industrial purposes, but has gentrified in the 21st century with corporate headquarters, tech industry, hotels, bars, restaurants, and retail. This […]

Paint Out & Demo: Guest Artist Maggie Capettini at Exelon Plaza

Exelon Plaza 72 W Monroe St, Chicago

With knife in hand, palette knife that is, Maggie Capettini creates vibrant plein air landscapes. Join her for this demo at Exelon Plaza. Visual opportunities include the Chagall mosaic, street views, skyscrapers, perspective challenges, and the fountain. Also, take time to look at Maggie Capettini's artwork and you'll be sure to attend the demo.