No paint out this week

This is the perfect weekend to go back and paint at those locations you missed!  The year end exhibit will be here before you know it.

Paint Out: Taylor Street

Taylor Street and S Laflin Street

Taylor Street is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Chicago. From the late 1800s to about the 1950s, this area was a hub for Italian immigrants to settle and establish their families. It soon became Chicago's "Official" Little Italy. Shop fronts, vintage side streets, and parks make for a classic paint out. East of […]

Paint Out: Humboldt Park Boat House

Humboldt Park Boat House 1301 N Humboldt Dr., Chicago, IL, United States

This paint out is a favorite for PAPC members.  If you like choices at your paint outs then this is the place for you.   The very active Humboldt Park offers a large boat house, water, paths and many plants and trees .  Often people are walking, bike riding and sometimes even peddling swan boats.  There […]

Paint Out: Michigan/Wacker Riverwalk. This is a Sunday paint out.

Riverwalk under Wabash Bridge at Wacker Riverwalk at Wabash and Wacker, Chicago, IL, United States

Due to the NASCAR race, we had to move our traditional July 4th weekend Riverwalk paint out to August. We will be meeting on the riverfront at Michigan and Wacker near O'Brien's Restaurant.  It's a wonderful river view, full of boats, people and many Chicago buildings and cafes.  There's also a beautiful view of the […]

Paint Out: Division Street Triangle/Mariano Park

Division Street Triangle 1031 N. State Street, Chicago, IL, United States

Division Street Triangle (1031 N. State Street) is also known as Mariano Park,  located in the heart of the Gold Coast. If you've wanted to perfect your cafe scenes then this is the paint out for you.  This small park  faces outdoor cafes, buildings and a fountain.  We can also paint along the sidewalks for […]

Paint Out: Gross Point Lighthouse

Gross Point Lighthouse 2601 Sheridan Road, Evanston

Come to Evanston this Saturday to paint  the well preserved lighthouse that was built in 1873.  The Gross Point Lighthouse is located next to the historic building Clark Mansion, and  is also close  to the lake.  There is a parking lot on the property and bathrooms are located next to the parking lot.  You can't […]

Paint Out: Old Town

Twin Anchors Restaurant 1655 N. Sedgewick St, Chicago, Il

Old Town is a busy thriving neighborhood which offers us many choices.  You can paint at Twin Anchors Restaurant 1655 N. Sedgwick Street.  This  is an old fashioned restaurant with a 1940's look.  If you walk west you'll find the historical St. Michael's Church  at 1633 N Cleveland Street or the  Midwest Buddhist Temple at […]

Paint Out: Chinatown Gate This is on a Sunday

Chinatown Gate 2206 S Wentworth, Chicago, IL

Chinatown promises to be a very exciting paint out full of buildings, people and lots of color.  This is a new venue for us and we'll be meeting at the entrance gates at 2206 S Wentworth.  The following is taken from GPS MY CITY. Chinatown Gate, Chicago Chinatown Gate is one the most prominent landmarks […]